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Books from over here that are doing rather well over there



A journey with panic

By Dr James Manning & Dr Nicola Ridgeway


After its release in July 2016 'A Journey With Panic' quickly accumulated 5-star reviews from many of the most influential reviewers of independently published books in America. In October 2016 it was honoured with a silver award by the Nonfiction Authors Association. After a re-edit in October 2016 it went on to become a winner in the Beverly Hills Book Awards in November 2016. At this time it was also was given a prestigious 5-star review by the highly influential American reviewing magazine Foreword Reviews and was named ‘Top book Pick’ by Indie Reviews. In December 2016, A Journey With Panic received its highest honour to date when it was included in The Huffington Post’s list of the best self-published works of 2016. In 2017 'A journey with Panic' was named a winner in the Indie Reader Discovery Awards, winning in the self-help section.





Fused: A memoir of childhood OCD and adult obsession

By Dr James Manning


Released in November 2016, Fused quickly received critical acclaim in America gaining 5 Star reviews from influential reviewers. Readers Views referred to it as ‘stunning’ and ‘one of the best books that I have reviewed that truly shows personal experience’, Readers Favorites referred to it as ‘an inspiring and illuminating work’, while SPR said ‘Fused is a powerful reminder that self-improvement, self-awareness, and self-sacrifice are essential (and accessible) qualities in us all.’ To test how American readers might react to the book we sent it off to The New England Book Festival. In January 2017 we were delighted to hear that against very strong competition Fused was announced the winner of the memoir section. The multiple-award winning memoir, With Angel’s Wings was placed second.




How to befriend, tame, manage and teach your Black Dog called Depression using CBT

By Dr James Manning


This book was released in November 2016 and received Readers’ Favorites 5 star seal in December 2016. In January 2017 it was given a 5-star review by Foreword Reviews, who stated ‘This excellent work on depression should be required reading for therapists and those suffering from the disease.’ In 2017 this book was short-listed for the International Rubery Award, and was a silver award winner in the Colorado Independent Publishers Awards.



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